Circle of Friends

The Manly Battleships™ operate around the core group detailed on our Official Membership page. But like all great ventures, we often incorporate friends, allies, and guests into our programming. This page is dedicated to those persons outside of our fleet roster that have made contributions to our glorious activities through participation, corroboration, guesting, and planning.

Friends and Associates

Brocken (Brock Obama)
Bryan - (Guitar Guy)
Christian - (Jersey Snake)
Fantasmo - (Pontificating Gingeraffe)
James - (Shep)
Jason - (Man Whore)
J.D. - (Pliskin)
Joel - (Kaxi/Shirley/That Guy Who Flirts With Asian Men When Drunk)
Joelle - (Carmen Sandiego)
Maria - (PinkySue)
Nate - (Demyx)
Sarah - (The Pharaoh)
Tony - (Mr. Stark)